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Impact and math and stuff

This started as an extension of a thought about volunteer service.  I was in line waiting to get my vote on in the presidential election and I was thinking about the way Presidents are held up to scrutiny for performance in their first 100 days.  A new President and a new administration have a great opportunity and a responsibility to make some kind of impact in 100 days.  So I thought, what could I do?  Maybe I could volunteer somehow in my own community and I could even try to get my volunteer day in during the new administration's first 100 days.  And that was the commitment I made to myself.  Regardless of who I voted for or who would go on to win the election, I would do one day of volunteer service in my community. One person in the middle of Texas doing one day of volunteer service.  It wouldn't have much impact on the grand scheme of things but I knew I'd feel good doing it.
On the drive home from my polling place I started thinking about the possibilities of impact. Truth be told, I thought about the impact 19 people had, in a very negative way by planning, training, and executing the hijacking of four planes on September 11, 2001. Nineteen people caused the world to spin a little differently.  My next thought was - If 19 people could cause the world to spin backwards, how many people would it take to adjust the spin to a more positive direction?  I wanted to take some portion of their negative impact back or erase some of it with some positive impact in the other direction.  In order to achieve that I would need numbers.
When I got home I asked the interwebs - How many people, of all parties, voted in the US Presidential election?  I guess I could have started smaller with the math like: How many people are on my after work coed softball team, or how many people were in my high school graduating class?  But I had just committed to being a one person volunteer force for a day during whoever was going to be measured for their first 100 days so... and this is   
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